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AL FRESKO is Southern California and Punta Mita’s Original Grazing and Luxury Beach Picnic Company, founded in 2016 in Southern California.

AL FRESKO is a new innovative approach to gathering. Our grazing tables are designed to inspire connection and provoke interaction in an era of individuality.

We serve delicious local food in a more relaxed & communal style called grazing but beyond the table we strive to create memorable sensory experiences! Quality and ethical sourcing is our ethos.

Our lavish grazing tables, seasonal platters and styled boxes are perfect for any event including weddings, birthdays, corporate functions, bridal and baby showers, celebrations and social gatherings. AL FRESKO’s one of a kind creations are an artistic expression and gastronomic adventure.

Being raised that giving back is the key to life, we provide quality foods that are not only nourishing for the body, but also to the community. We shop local farmers markets, local businesses and support small farms to give back. Every platter, table and box is unique to what's in season and fresh!

Treat your guests to a new way of gathering!

-VEGAN Options are always available-

AL FRESKO is proudly eco-conscious with a commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients, Our mindful efforts include; using environmentally sustainable packaging and disposables and partnering up with local businesses and ethical vendors, recycling and minimal plastic usage.


Hi there! I’m Jenny, the creator of AL FRESKO Experience. After traveling and living abroad in Bali and Byron Bay where the Australian ‘grazing’ sensation was started, I returned to my seaside home of San Diego in 2016 to start AL FRESKO Experience. In 2016, I also rescued my furry best friend from Tijuana, her name is Zelma.

The transition from Texas to California and my travels in-between have shown me so much more value in not only feeding, but nourishing the body, and that instinctive human need for connection.  It has always been my passion to bring people together over a good meal or gazing table and the idea that it is now my purpose and business in life is wild. It fills my heart to know what a sense of community that brings, especially knowing that my passion is the joining factor. 

Growing up, I was always infatuated by food and the kitchen was always a bonding place for my family. My deep love for hosting, cooking and creating abundant spreads has given me the opportunity to travel the world and do what I love. With more than 15 years in the hospitality world, I have gained experience in every sector of the service industry including restaurants, catering, wine sales and retreats. I decided to combine my love for fresh food with the outdoors and so…

AL FRESKO Experience was created!

Definition of alfresco al·fres·co | \ al-ˈfres-(ˌ)kō  \:
  taking place or located in the open air : OUTDOOROUTDOORS